Det (skrämmande) glömda om autism – TED-Talk

Hans Asperger at work with the Autism Children: "Sina små professorer".

Hans Asperger at work with the Autism Children: ”Sina små professorer”.

”Decades ago, few pediatricians had heard of autism. In 1975, 1 in 5,000 kids was estimated to have it. Today, 1 in 68 is on the autism spectrum. What caused this steep rise?

Steve Silberman points to “a perfect storm of autism awareness” — a pair of psychologists with an accepting view, an unexpected pop culture moment and a new clinical test.

But to really understand, we have to go back further to an Austrian doctor by the name of Hans Asperger, who published a pioneering paper in 1944. Because it was buried in time, autism has been shrouded in misunderstanding ever since.

(This talk was part of a TED2015 session curated by Pop-Up Magazine: or @popupmag on Twitter.)”

Inte olidligt långt, 14 mycket intressanta minuter.




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