Autism and OCD – all around the world.

I was just about to log out from my blog when I saw this post. I always write in Swedish, but this time I´ll write in (British) English under the catergoy diagnosis parent, but all the other posts are in Swedish. Most Swedes can read English since we are taught in school and we have Swedish subtitles on foreign TV-programmes. Use google translate if you fel like it – at either direction.

This boy has Autism and OCD also called OCB. The story in this post is heartbreaking for any parent to read – but yet I feel good hopes for this boy since his blogging parent keeps going. As all of us do – around the world. The post describes the feelings after ones child has gotten the Autism diagnosis – with many mixed emotions. Read it: ”You declare that you are going to be a world changer and make society a better place for your kids to grow up in. And damn it… don’t quit trying despite the setbacks that you continually face.  You pick yourself up time and time again because that’s just what we do.” This is exactly what parents with these challanges do, every day – around the world.

The Autism and OCD makes the boy lick his hands to a point that the skin becomes severely damaged. But he himself  dosesn´t seem to take notice.
Every night he repeats the same procedures walking on the tiles on the floor, over and over. At night when he wakes up ”he will go back over his steps from his room down the hallway to ours. Three times. So he’ll appear in our doorway then turn around and trace his steps again twice more and then appear in our doorway again.”.

This repetetive behaviour can cause the boy to run back into the road after having crossed it – to repeat his tracks. A real crisis situation. But luckily no one got hurt this time.

Why I write about this is because it all got real to me. It struck me that the lives are so alike all around the world. But still, we are fighting the same battles – as hell – through our blogs to spread information and tell our stories.

I wish other people with ”ordinay lives” could live our lives during a weekend. And maybe afterwards not be so soon to judge the parents and families with children that needs extra attention. It´s not a case of bad parenting – it´s a Neurophysical disorder. That can´t be completely cured.

There is help and strategies that can make life easier for both the child and the family.

But the most difficult to overcome is the prejudice and ignorance of ordinary people who doesn´t care to educate themselves further than reading the tabloids. 

We exist – all around the world. It´s NOT a fashion thing when a boy licks his skin and doesn´t even realize that he is hurting himself. 

As a highlight from the Wonderfully wired blog, read the 25 advices to the kids and what the son with Autism would want and need others to know about autism.

”As good as it gets” – with Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt. A film about Obsessive Compulsive Behaviour.

Best regards from Victoria – a striving parent in the world.





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